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The Braun Corporation

The Braun Corporation is the leading supplier of Paratransit vans to businesses, social organizations, retail customers, and government agencies.

Braun specializes in building Paratransit van packages for transporting the elderly and the handicapped. Their experienced sales staff are experts in meeting the requirements of numerous state agencies and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). By combining the right wheelchair lift with the right conversion package, we can ensure each installation is made to order.

The Braun Corporation traces its origin back to 1963 when Ralph Braun, driven by a personal desire for better mobility, invented the Tri-Wheeler® in his cousin's farm shop. Numerous requests from other wheelchair users led to the founding of Save-A-Step Manufacturing Company the following year. By 1972, the company had grown to become The Braun Corporation. Today, Braun manufactures a full line of mobility products. Committed to engineering excellence, Braun continues to develop new and better products designed to increase your independence. Having used his own products for over 20 years, Ralph Braun invites you to place your confidence in the quality engineered excellence of the entire Braun mobility line.

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