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Daimler Financial is the financial services provider for Thomas Built Buses and its MyBus® brand. For more than 35 years, it has provided commercial and municipal financing to a variety of customers, including schools, youth groups, churches, childcare centers, non-profit organizations and other groups involved in safely transporting people.
With staff specifically dedicated to bus financing, Daimler Financial has developed a strong understanding of the unique needs of bus customers. As a result, a wide range of flexible and customizable finance solutions has been developed to meet unique budgetary needs.

Available finance options include:

  • Competitive rates
  • Retail, lease and municipal finance programs
  • Up to 100% financing with no down payment
  • Delayed first payment and skip payments
  • Monthly, quarterly and semi-annual payment options
  • Terms ranging from 1 to 7 years

Available finance programs include:

Retail Loans

This is your standard loan program. After the loan matures, you own the bus.

Fair Market Value Leases

Our Fair Market Value (FMV) is a closed-end, or walk-away lease. With this lease agreement, the lessee or customer has no responsibility for the equipment's residual value at lease maturity, assuming normal wear and tear.

Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause Leases

Our Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) lease is an open-end lease. With this lease agreement, the customer is responsible for the residual value of the equipment upon lease maturity. When the lease reaches maturity, the lessee has the ability to purchase the vehicle for its predetermined residual value, or to return the vehicle to Daimler Financial. If returned, and the sale proceeds exceed the pre-determined residual value, Daimler Financial returns the net proceeds to the lessee. If the proceeds are less, the lessee is responsible for the difference.
TRAC leases usually offer lower monthly payments than a retail finance structure. And, for accounting purposes, the lessee is not required to show the leased assets on his balance sheet. Of course, consult your tax advisor regarding the potential tax benefits of this unique product.

In addition to innovative solutions, Daimler Financial also offers superior customer service and easy-to-complete documentation. View or download a one-page credit application. This application can be completed and submitted to your MyBus Dealer to begin the finance process. If you would like more information regarding financing programs currently available, please contact your local MyBus dealer or call Daimler Financial at