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 Cutaway Shuttles



 ElDorado Aerolite
Capacity: 14
Ambulatory: 14
Wheelchair: 0-2

 ElDorado Aerotech
Capacity: 12-25
Ambulatory: 25
Wheelchair: 0-6

 ElDorado Aero Elite
International TC
Capacity: 32
Ambulatory: 32
Wheelchair: 0-8

 ElDorado Aero Elite
Ford F-550
Capacity: 32
Ambulatory: 32
Wheelchair: 0-8



Economical Accessible 


Cutaways begin with a factory produced truck or van chassis which includes the entire drivetrain, suspension, exhaust, frame and cab. The cutaway manufacturer then makes a few modifications to the cab area and sometimes the frame. They then add their body starting with the floor structure and all the way up to the roof. By starting with a mass produced chassis cutaways are less costly to produce than a custom chassis bus. 

Small Cutaways feature a wheelbase comparable to a Conversion Van with the added benefit of dual rear wheels. These vehicles offer excellent maneuverability with increased stability and improved drivability.

Higher ceilings and a wider body make the cabin area of these vehicles easier to maneuver and open up a wide array of floorplan options. Any operation that uses a Conversion van will find these vehicles easier to use at close to the same price point.