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 EZ Rider II | ElDorado National

Ultimate Flexibility & Superior Durability

Different transportation applications require different solutions. The E-Z Rider II, with the flexibility of available front and/or center doors and ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps, offers passenger boarding flexibility available on no other low-floor bus. Does the route require clean fuel technology? The answer is E-Z. The E-Z Rider II is available with transit-tested diesel, liquefied (LNG) and compressed (CNG) natural gas fuel systems.

Vehicle Specifications

32' 35'
Seating Up to 33
Up to 35
Up to 43
GVWR 31,280 lbs
35,000lbs 35,000lbs
Length 30'7" 31'3" 35'7"
Width 102" 102" 102"
Wheelbase 160" 168" 220"

  • Body height 125? with exhaust, 126? with roof HVAC, 136? with CNG
  • Interior height 95? over front axle, 78? over rear axle
  • Step height – front door 14.38?
  • Step height – center door 14.38?
  • Wheelchair ramp locations Front and/or center doors
  • Available Engines Cummins - Diesel, CNG, LNG, Hybrid Electric
  • Available Transmissions Allison - B300R, B400R, Voith, ZF
  • Fuel tank capacity 80 gallons (diesel)
  • Passenger HVAC Roof or rear mounted
  • Driver’s HVAC Dash mounted
  • Front axle ArvinMeritor
  • Rear axle ArvinMeritor
  • Brakes S-cam drum w/automatic slack adjusters
  • Tires 275/70R 22.5
  • Front Door Slide Glide
  • Rear Door Slide Glide
  • Electrical system I/O Controls multiplex or relay logic wiring
  • Suspension Air – 2 bag per axle; trailing arm taper leaf

For more information about pricing and options please call us at 800-572-6959.


Ultimate Flexibility
Superior Durability

Tired of trying to run a lightweight bus in a heavyweight duty cycle? With heavy-duty ArvinMeritor axles, large S-cam air brakes, and a transit-proven and crash-tested, monocoque safety cage, the E-Z Rider II is designed and built to take real-world punishment year after year.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, the E-Z Rider II is the low floor solution.

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