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  Low Floor Cutaway Shuttles

Arboc Spirit of Mobility

 Arboc Spirit of Mobility
Capacity: 25
Ambulatory: 13-25

ElDorado National Passport

ElDorado Passport
Capacity: 31
Ambulatory: 13-31


Low Floor Functionality

Cutaway Economy

Passenger centered transportation is the decision to put the needs of each passenger first. Low Floor Buses make a great base for a passenger centered transportation solution because they help a provider to better meet so many passenger needs.

Low Floor Buses provide for ease of loading for everyone; from people who use wheelchairs, to the elderly, to families pushing strollers, to airport passengers wheeling their luggage. A Low Floor Bus is also faster to load and unload meaning shorter trip times from point a to b which is why your passengers got on the bus in the first place.

Because they are built using mass produced chassis Low Floor Cutaways allow operations to have the great functionality of a low floored bus at about half the cost of a custom chassis bus.